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About Us

Pulse ID is a secure, accurate and reliable communications system that relays information to authorized users. We constantly strive in ensuring that our member’s data is kept safe and guarded in a well maintained and monitored online system. One of our fundamental functions is focussed towards delivering vital medical information on your behalf, with acceptable speed and accuracy. Pulse ID accomplishes this by providing affiliated users (paramedics/hospitals/doctors) with accurate and vital information on site. Our facial identification and process flow of communication is unique and second to none locally and internationally. Pulse ID’s objective is to grant members in society a much needed voice, therefore communicating on behalf of you and your family when you cannot. Furthermore, Pulse ID has designed a functionality that when activated, notifies your family and friends, hospitals and third party representatives of your emergency using real time notification.

For You

Pulse ID revolves around you and your loved ones, we have designed our system in a simple manner which allows you to easily add, update, store or edit your medical or vehicle information 24/7.


Pulse ID website is protected by bank approved security software, ensuring members information is kept safe at all times.


Each member has their own unique profile that relates to their individual medical or vehicle information.


Each member can add their own emergency contacts that will be notified in the event of an incident.


Each member can request Pulse ID affiliated doctors or vehicle service outlets to update your records on to your unique profile for record keeping.

On Sale Now

In order to register with Pulse ID you first need to purchase a primary pack, thereafter can you purchase any of the other secondary packs and link them to you or your additional member’s profile in order for us to better identify him or her in the event of an emergency.

Primary Pack

Comes with 1 Wrist Band, 2 Unique Vehicle Stickers and allows you to register a total of 7 member’s profiles.

Vehicle Stickers

Comes with 2 unique Vehicle Stickers that must be placed on the member’s profile that the vehicle is listed under. Both stickers to be placed on one vehicle only.

Wrist Band

Comes with 1 unique Wrist band that must be placed on the member’s profile who will be wearing the wrist band. Wrist band to be worn by one member only.

House Sign

Comes with 1 unique House Sign that allows you to link yourself and your additional member’s profiles. House sign to be placed next to the front door of the house.


We are proud to be associated with


Allegra, part of the Afrocentric group, is a South African company that specializes in healthcare management solutions for sub-Saharan Africa.


A private, national, emergency medical care service, committed to providing South Africans with efficient, effective emergency response and pre-hospital care.

De Broglio

Professional and cost effective service in a few, select areas of law including personal injury matters such as medical negligence cases and Road Accident Fund claims.

Proudly South African

First conceived at the Presidential Job Summit in 1998, the Proudly South African Campaign was born out of socio-economic necessity to create jobs, under the leadership of the former South African President, Nelson Mandela.


Mediclinic Southern Africa is a private hospital group operating in South Africa and Namibia focused on providing acute care.

Hartees Ambulance

Professional paramedic services for the Haartbeesport region

Maponya 911

MAPONYA 911 RESCUE is a proudly South African 100% black owned and managed organization based and operating from Johannesburg, Gauteng.


PSG Insure offers a full range of tailor-made short term insurance products ranging from personal (home, car and household insurance) to commercial (business and Agri insurance). This is made possible through short term insurance company Western National Insurance Limited and partnerships with some of South Africa's leading companies.


A Lifeline package from Call4Aid.co.za response means you'll always have help close at hand, giving you and your family the assurance that you're protected, day and night.

Diabetes SA

Diabetes South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organization with the aim to improve the lives of people living with Diabetes in South Africa and aid in preventing the onset of Type 2 Diabetes through community education and awareness. Diabetes South Africa has been in existence for the past 46 years and will continue to strive to achieve our mission of empowering all those affected by diabetes through support and education.

Organ Donor Foundation

The Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) is a non-profit organisation established in 1988 with the aim of addressing the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa through awareness and education campaigns aimed at the public and medical professionals.

Relay EMS

RELAY Emergency Medical Services (EMS) offers responsive and professional emergency medical and ambulance services in the Nelson Mandela.

MDG Health

MDG Health Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a medical technology company focused on providing innovative solutions to help Health Care Providers to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). .


Have a look at what Pulse ID can do for you

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